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Nail Spa

We at Aria Nails & Spa offer a broad spectrum of nail treatment using the best quality nail polish. We are specialized in offering amazing nail treatment, chrome nails, acrylic nails, holographic nails, shellac nails and much more. At Aria Nails & Spa, you can have best quality chrome nail products such as chrome nail powder, chrome mirror nail polish, chrome fingernail polish, chrome pigment powder, chrome powder for nails, chrome gel polish, chrome mirror, gold chrome nail polish, and much more. Aria Nails & Spa also provides incredible acrylic nail powder, acrylic nail polish, acrylic nail set, acrylic nail brush, etc. When it comes to the holographic nail services and products, we are second to none as we offer Chanel holographic nail polish, best holographic nail polish, holographic gel polish, black holographic nail polish, holographic nail foil, holo glitter nail polish, pink holographic nail polish, nail polish holographic, holographic nail glitter.

Nail Treatment

Aria Nails & Spa is well-known in California for CND Shellac nail polish, shellac nail kit, shellac gel polish, CND Shellac colors, Shellac lamp, shellac gel, CND shellac kit, CND Shellac lamp, shellac kit, shellac nail polish colors and much more. At Aria Nails & Spa, we are excited to introduce our redesigned nail treatment services, highlighting natural and therapeutic techniques such as toenail fungus cure, toenail fungus medication, fungal nail infection treatment, foot fungus treatment, fingernail fungus treatment, toenail fungus removal, and much more. Many clients prefer our toenail fungus remedies and best fungal nail treatment for their sheer quality and reliability. Our staff of skilled nail specialists in CA is experienced and understand the exact needs of our customers.

Facial Detox

Aria Nails & Spa, CA is the place where lives are improved through the advanced skin care solutions which treat and correct the texture, clarity, and overall health of your skin. Our facial detox and Microdermabrasion are popular among our clients in CA for their quality and affordability. Our facial detox treatment and services include facial hair removal, acne treatment, face oil, pore cleanser, skin cleanser, face wash for oily skin, natural facial cleanser, cleanser for oily skin, face mask, face cleanser, best face wash for women, face scrub, best facial cleansers, face soap, skin care, face treatment, face wash with salicylic acid, face skin care, face clean, facial cleansing brush, and much more. Whether you are dealing with aging, dry, sensitive skin or if you are suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, or sun-damaged skin, there is a right solution for you.


Our manicure service in CA is quite popular for their premium quality. Under the care of nail experts, your hands look attractive with healthy and lovely nails. Nowadays, among other ordinary mushrooming nail salons, you will still feel a great difference with our exceptional service at Aria Nails & Spa. Aria Nails & Spa provides gel polish, nail gel, manicure set, gelish nails, gel nail kit, gel for nails, manicure kit and much more. Aria Nails & Spa is not an ordinary nail spa; here we deliver upscale services with professional and skilled nail artists, trained nail technicians, and meticulous procedure to breathe a new life into your hands.

Pedicure Spa

Our classic pedicure services in CA are a complete relaxation for your feet! Polish is carefully removed, and your lovely feet are placed in our whirlpool bath. While you enjoy the well-heated massaging chairs, our skilled pedicure specialist begins shaping and buffing your nails. We also remove calluses and cuticle work is done nicely. Your feet are then rightly exfoliated with a hydrating sugar scrub. Our best pedicure services in California include pedicure set, foot spa, pedicure bowls, pedicure stool, pedicure products, spa pedicure chairs, Sillas para pedicure spa, and much more. Pamper your feet with a special soak, and exfoliation treatment, Paraffin wax, deep callus remove, leaving your feet smooth and silky. A relaxing foot and ankle massage services are added to this one of a kind pedicure in a great package.


Our wax treatment technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. The wax is applied when it is warm, then removed gently, leaving skin smooth. This refined waxing and threading technique is comfortable and result-oriented. We take pride in our waxing services in CA. Our diverse range of waxing services includes waxing for men, body waxing, face wax, hair wax removal, depilatory wax, hard wax hair removal, waxing kit, wax warmer, etc. At Aria Nails & Spa, we only use sterilized and hygienic tools and products to maintain maximum quality and sanitation. The most significant part of our salon is you, our valued client. If you are not satisfied with your waxing experience, please kindly let us know how we can improve so that we can better service you in the future.

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Eyelash Extensions

Fuller, longer and more glamorous eyelashes are always high in demand. Aria Nails & Spa exclusively offers a natural lash that is a softer and comfortable option while also providing volume and length. We provide mink lashes, eyebrow extensions, fake eyelashes, individual lashes, eyelash tinting, individual eyelash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash serum, best false eyelashes, natural eyelashes, semi-permanent lashes, eyelash extension glue, eyelash extension kit and much more. These extensions are incredibly soft and supple with a beautiful glossy shine. You will never achieve a more natural and gorgeous result with mascara and falsies as you will with lash extensions.

Nail Art

Our team of skilled and creative nail art specialists makes sure to produce a great artwork that is purely innovative and top-notch and that you would love to flaunt and grab crowd's attention. The best part of Aria Nails & Spa is that we are a bunch of passionate people who believe in providing a sustainable impressive nail art experience to our clients. Aria Nails & Spa' nail art services and products such as nail art pens, nail decals, stamping nail art, nail stickers, finger nail art, nail foil, nail accessories, nail brush, nail drill, nail art polish, nail charms and much more. All our nail technicians in California are trained under the expert guidance and unique techniques. The nail equipment and the hygiene that we maintain are as per international standards of customer services. So you can expect only the best from us.